Is your position at the table secure? Your ability to network for top talent keeps your company in the game...and Talent Pipeline is your ace.

Talent Pipeline™: Great Talent Makes a Great Company

Great companies are built with great people
When you hire top talent, good things happen. Talent will find a way to deliver a high performance every year. Talent win all the time. Talent does not need to be micromanaged. They have innate initiative, creativity, drive, passion and determination. Their yearly results and career track records demonstrate these qualities. Once you start “settling” on hires to fill in a geographical need or a time sensitive hiring, you begin to hire “8s” or “7s” or even sometimes “6s”. You think you can mold them into “10s”, but that reality is a long shot and you begin to see mediocrity seep into the organization and your results.

The top talent you should be seeking is not looking currently looking for a job
The simple reason is that they are too busy being great and highly successful in their current position. They are the “winners” that great teams are built around. Their resume is not on and they are not currently working with a recruiter. Most importantly, they are not knocking on your door to find out if you have a great company and offer a great career opportunity. Who has the time? It takes all of the 60+ hours a week they are putting in to be great at what they are doing now. A high percentage of resumes you see, and the candidates that you interview, are looking because they are not true “10s” and are not setting sales records in their current positions. You have to dig through a lot of mediocrity to find a great player for your needs. Right now the #1 prospect for your need, the very best candidate you could find, is not looking for a job and does not know what you have to offer.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find, cultivate and recruit top talent
Any C-Level manager or executive sales manager knows that there is a constant need to be at least “passively” recruiting for top talent at all times. It is even more important to be doing so when you do not have a pressing need that may force you to settle on a candidate. With all the pressure on managers for immediate revenue results, expense management, constant budgeting and P& L responsibilities, ongoing training and motivational leadership, it is hard to find the time to passively look for top talent. Talent Pipeline brings great talent and great companies together.

Networking is the best way to find great talent for you company
Just as location is the “Holy Grail” of a real estate asset, your ability to effectively network for top talent will play an important role how successfully you build your team. You do not uncover great talent just by posting a position on a website. You do not find the top performers by advertising. Great performers usually will only examine alternative jobs or career opportunities when they feel the need or some company is referred to them by a respected contact or source. Timing is everything, for both the great talents and the great companies.

Individual and business circumstances can change very quickly
In today’s marketplace the highly successful, high earning, perennial P-Club award winner at their current job, can be tomorrow’s great candidate. It may be a year or two down the road, but at some point in the future there can be a personal or business circumstance that changes enough to where they begin to be more open about considering a job change. They are still setting production records and exceeding quotas currently, but something important has changed enough to where they will at least consider what could be available in the job market.


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